Saturday, 6 June 2009

preach to utilize aesthetical arabic calligraphy

After sholat subuh's performing congregates at al's mosque local government sincere sukabumi's city, reporeter is city news given by information by Kabag Kesos Deden Solehudin, S. Ag, MM, that Sukabumi's Mayor H. Mokh Muslikh Abdusyukur, SH, M. The will formalize diklat's uncovering calligraphy at Lemka who gets address at Karamat's sub-district district Quill mountain. Duly hits 9.00 on the fifteenth 20th August 2006 mayors was attending at activity place welcomed by K.H Sirojudin, M. Ag is Lemka's lead with santri of a variety peloksok is country. For year 2006 pesantren lemka starts to refuse santri,

why is that thing happens since one that usually santri that just total vicinity 20 person, but with a prove Lemka's success in various ivent musabaqoh reaches for success, so of all Indonesia wants to bail knowledge from lemka what does its amount up to 82 person. Reported by committee chairman, that kepercayan of this nation has to be petted by obviously, that santri perceives betah studying at lemka, and utuk's cozy studying writes and mushaf al qur an's decoration. Said by K.H. Sirojudin, M. Ag that Lemka's Location at well-matched Karamat, since nature panorama really backs up to menumbuhkan infirasi of all khotot and khitoh develops kreasi and motivation writes al-quran one good manners and really terminological writing method. Chairman of Lemka have calligraphy art motto is da whew bilquas, one that matter via art will can develop al qur an's content content because in full day santri was inured to letter qur an with full imagination and infirasi one that beautiful with carrying out of and ternih's soul to know chastity and supremacy God SWT. More said by lemka's lead, that calligraphy art besides mission whew da also expected available economic development, it as diilustrasikan at Regency Correct Bandung it at jelekong was effloresce calligraphy production everyday it don't less than 2 trucks, so gives benefit to society welfare around in production form. Of that illustration is forwards expected will emerge at Karamat an area calligraphy art development that accomplish marketing and appetite calligraphy lover. Therefore Lemka's Development Plan will make network via collegiate those are on all Indonesia. It as one modelled by reigning and preceding in develop region and guardian develop islam noise. One thing that withdraw from lemka's lead information that pesantrennya have can as unifier bangasa Indonesian, since besides studying place also utilitarian too as bureau of couple among hotot and hototoh what does tighten NKRI via traverses marriage that diridhoi God SWT.

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