Saturday, 6 June 2009

Aesthetical Calligraphy Art

According to Drs. D. Sirajuddin AR, M. A. declares for that calligraphy art or khat constitutes painting one beauty perceive, mind ambasador, counselor collects thoughts, gnostic weapon, your tamer in dispute, distance speaker goes away, and secret depositor, even problem variety treasury life. Imaduddin Yaqut al Musta ’ simi sees that khat's aesthetical reality is what do get to be felt at inwardly and think, even to reach tag line aesthetical (extern) all equipment was utilized as word, dawat, paint or another media. So is not marvel for every lover it if with result o hand previousing to give one coolness and equanimity or soul on their behalf. Then specially Imaduddin Yaqut Al Musta ’ simi returns to reveal that Supposing Calligraphy one Spiritual architecture (Handasah Ruhaniyah)

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