Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pencil Drawing - First Step to Learn Drawing Nude Males and Females

By Naval Langa Pencil drawing is a technique involving multidiscipline. It includes blending spatial, technical and aesthetic knowledge of an artist. Pencil drawing explains some important principles an artist must know. It teaches these aspects step-by-step instruction, moving from observation to simple aspects of drawing, and then to drawing difficult work like figurative painting. The pencil drawing skill is intrinsically linked with manifold aspects like sketching and recording the information to be used afterwards, in executing a watercolour paintings or an oil painting. Starting with the pencil is an ideal resource for the artist with a limited experience of the art of painting. The working with pencils and doing the pencil drawings develop the amateur artists' confidence and help their skills to reach the platform where he or she can be introduced as an artist. a little further. The intricacies of pencil drawing guides the artist through every aspect of producing a watercolour or an oil painting. While drawing light of dark lines by the tip of a pencil the artist vary the weight of the line. It is done by lofting the pencil or pressing it a little bit harder. In pencil drawing the artist exploit the use of pencil, executing it by light line or weight. In the beginning stage of drawing from the models like stills or figures, the artists need knowing about correct proportion through measurement. The pencil work helps developing understand the body form. Once the artists start loving the pencil and using it like a favoured tool, he or she would develop individual expression and visual language.

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