Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brown Calligraphy Pens

By John J. James With the advancement of technology, society's preference to type has taken over the preference to write. Email, typewriters, and word processors have taken over the more conventional form of penning thoughts to paper. However despite this trend, written communication is still regarded as the most formal type of communication. Calligraphy is an extreme form of this formality; it is the art of writing beautifully in a harmonious, expressive, and skilful manner. The use of calligraphy can be traced back to the origin of writing itself. Any style of writing depends on the success and elegance of three main factors: hand, alphabet, and script. Calligraphy involves the transformation and perfection of all these factors in a variety of colors and

tools, from inkwells and quills to pens. Modern calligraphy, like its ancient ancestor, ranges from functional hand-lettered envelopes to fine art designs. The most common use for calligraphy today is wedding invitations and personalized stationary, usually penned with gold, black, or brown calligraphy pens. The beauty of calligraphic writing attracts people for its unique beauty, and attracts customers who see it as proof of company quality. Calligraphy writing requires certain skills; therefore it cannot be performed skillfully by just anyone. It was for this reason that the calligraphy pen was introduced in the market. Typical calligraphy pens are designed in such a way that an ordinary person could more easily write calligraphy. That said, the use of these pens might require some basic skills which should be practiced over time, like fluidity and an even sense of the alphabet. For individuals tired of typed words, the art of calligraphy is very appealing, and indeed in recent years has experienced something of a renaissance. Due to the increasing popularity of calligraphy, the demand for calligraphy pens has increased. Today, calligraphy pens are available in the market of various colors, widths, and cuts. Brown calligraphy pens are more in demand then ever. Considered one of the more "personal" colors by 19th century calligraphers, brown inks have a beautiful Victorian feel. Brown calligraphy pens have rich chocolate-colored ink, and are regarded as the most attractive color due to its dark color, which strains the eye less than black ink. Brown calligraphy pens are found globally: in Middle East countries as well as some of African countries. The reason is that in these regions, brown inks are used to copy and decorate holy Islamic texts. Whether in the Middle East or the Midwest, the most popular way to shop for brown calligraphy pens is on the internet. This is mostly because of the relative scarcity of stationary stores in smaller towns. Shopping online may prove to be a bit costly when shipping fees are taken into account, but it is a time- saver as individuals don't have to hunt out individual stationary shops. Brown calligraphy pens are found in most stationery shops around the world. The cost may vary from one place to another, depending on maker and location. The cost of these brown calligraphy pens is generally higher than other type of calligraphy pens, as brown ink costs slightly more to produce than black.

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